Cinnabunnies – Cinnamon Roll Easter Bunnies – Fun Easter Recipe for Kids

by Sugar on March 15, 2015 · 12 comments

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Easter is such a fun time of year in our home because my kids still love to decorate Easter eggs and make special cookies, breads and desserts. One tradition that I started a few years ago was to make cinnamon rolls that look like bunnies. I call them cinnabunnies.

Don’t give up your Easter Egg Hunt or coloring Easter eggs. But DO add Cinnamon Roll Cinnabunnies to your Easter favorite recipes and traditions this year. This easy, delicious, kid-friendly Easter dessert recipe is fun for the whole family and will have everyone hopping for more.

They are silly looking but fun to make and kids and adults just love them. All you need to make them is a roll of cinnamon rolls, some raisins, nuts and decorative sugar. It’s that simple. Let me show you how I make them.

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Time Start to Finish:

45 minutes


4 bunnies


1 12.4 oz tube of Pillsbury CINNABON® cinnamon rolls (the 8 count size)
12 raisins, for the eyes and noses
8 sliced almonds, for the teeth


Unwrap the roll and lay the cinnamon rolls out flat. You will need two rolls to make one bunny. One for the face and another for the ears. With the palm of your hand, press down one of the cinnamon rolls to flatten slightly. (This will be the bunny’s head.)

Lay the other roll flat. If cinnamon roll does not easily unroll into a strip (see video), insert a knife into the seam of the roll to unravel it into a strip of dough. Then, form the dough into ears, while keeping the dough strip as one piece.

Press and pinch the ears into the head portion of the bunny (the whole roll) to connect the two rolls, to form a head and ears. You will need to press and pinch firmly to prevent it from separating when baking. Then, create the ears by pressing the split halves of the cut roll into the shape of floppy bunny ears. (see video)

Vigorously press the raisins on top of one of the rolls to form the eyes and nose and use the almonds for the teeth, carefully pressing the nut into the dough so that it is secure and will remain in place while baking.

Place bunny on greased cookie sheet. Repeat until you have 4 bunnies. Bake according to directions on packaging and frost the ears with the frosting included after the bunnies come out of the oven.

Tips: Provide at least two tips, each on its own line, separated by returns

Food coloring can be added to the icing to give it a fun holiday color.

Sprinkles can also be added to the icing for a more festive look.

char says:

I made these and they are sooo easy and cute. I will make these again for sure !

Thanks for sharing,

Sugar says:

Char, So glad you liked them. Thanks for the feedback. :)

Loriana says:

Sugar. This is just ADORABLE and looks so easy to make…I just LOVE getting your recipes…can’t wait to try this out in my new Kitchen! You are delightful!

Sugar says:

Hey sweetie. Thanks for taking the time to write to me. You are such a light in this world. Can’t wait to see the new house. XXOO

Debbie says:

Sugar loved the Easter bunny cinna bun but couldn’t get the video to play would love to be able to view it, so if it could be refreshed I would LOVE it. Thanks Sugar.

Sugar says:

Debbie, It’s playing for me. Try it again and let me know if it works. :)

Mary Ann says:

Looks very easy and fun for my family. We will for sure add this to our Easter traditions.

Sugar says:

Oh great to hear. Enjoy them and have a Happy Easter. :)

Nicole says:

I absolutely adore this. Will be trying!!

Sugar says:

Oh great. Do and let me know how you like it. :)